Good writing communicates ideas effectively—whether it’s a story, a technical article, an executive Power Point presentation, video and audio podcasts, or corporate messaging and positioning. Twenty-five years as a journalist taught me how to synthesize the most technically, legally or politically arcane topics into stories—it was a 2,000-word feature or a 50-word brief—that were read by hundreds of thousands of readers.

 I began by writing “just-the-facts-ma’am” for United Press International, expanded into business and finance and more recently into deep technology in the electronics and enterprise software industries. Outside journalism, my work at Blanc & Otus includes messaging and positioning, executive viewpoints, blogging services for a variety of companies in industries ranging from consumer to deeptech and greentech.

 I work thoughtfully and thoroughly but quickly and effectively, and the title of the old book about UPI is never far from my head: “A Deadline Every Minute.”

I was born and raised in San Francisco and received my bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Social Media

I started building community when I was around 10. I had a table top game called Sports Illustrated All-Time, All-Star Baseball. Players rolled dice and matched the results to team tables and baseball games magically developed in the mind. But I couldn’t stop there. I tabulated stats after every game, calculated league leaders and packaged that into a newsletter I wrote my old Remington typewriter. It was published for an audience of one: me.

Since then I’ve help build news feeds for early version of the EE Times site, helped develop technical communities for vertical sites in that network, redesigned. As video and audio became more cost effective and an intriguing channel for our audience, I developed early podcasts and video programming, including the award winning View From C-Level program for EE Times.com.

At Blanc & Otus, I helped clients understand the latest developments in social media platforms, trends and ethics. I helped find them find the sites and platforms they needed to communicate effectively and did it in a cost-effective, manageable fashion. These recommendations adhered to a simple philosophy: Start with your audience, not the shiny new-media objects.

These engagements range from blog and content strategy and implementation at Oracle, Oracle Mix, Tendril, Apptera and others to content analysis, repurposing and re-creation for Taleo’s Knowledge Exchange social network.